How to download, install and play at an online casino

Posted: 2009-06-05 22:24 By: admin

Casinos come in pretty much two formats; download and no-download with the latter being split still further (e.g. HTML, Flash, Java). However, almost certainly the best type of casinos available are the download ones. This is because download casinos usually offer the greatest selection of games and also offer the best entertainment factor through the use of good graphics and sound effects. As such, new players will need to understand how to download, install and play at an online casino.

All casino sites will usually make it very easy to download their casino software - after all casinos want players to sign up and bet. Casino software is offered at no cost - again because casinos make their money through the bets placed.

Firstly players need to visit the online casino website. From there they need to click through to the software download page and click the appropriate link to obtain the required installation file. Usually the initial download is small in size - a few hundred kilobytes is common. However, this file is actually an installer program that will download further files from the internet.

Once the installation file has been downloaded and is run by the user, a player needs to accept any terms and conditions related to the software. Once this has been done, the casino will download any remaining files and install the casino on the user's computer. This download and installation process only needs to be done once - like any computer software, once the casino is installed a player can simply access it through their usual program list or by clicking an icon desktop.

After the casino is installed it will usually automatically load. At this point a player is presented with a log-in screen. However, new players will need to create a new account. Many casinos allow players to create a 'guest' account where play money is used. However, for real play a real money account needs to be created. This is done by completing a sign-up form where the casino collects personal player information (e.g. name, address etc.). It is very important that this information is accurate as inaccurate data can lead to a casino voiding any cash-ins. Once a new account has been created a player is then free to log in, to visit the cashier to deposit funds and to begin playing!

After the initial installation a player may find that initially not all games are available. However, this is because the casino will continue to download these games as a player plays. Usually a player can 'force' a specific game to download if they want to play it immediately. Similarly, casinos will auto-update when any new games are released.

Players should always protect their username and password. Remember - any person with this information could gain access to your account.

Downloading and installing casino software may seem daunting to begin with. However, it really is a pretty straight-forward process and players will soon get used to the procedure. Player should remember as well that if they do get stuck, casino support is always available to help with any issues.

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