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US and Canadian citizens have had a particularly tough time of late when it comes to online casinos. Previously players from these two countries made up the vast majority of online players. However, recent legislation has made it a bit more difficult for players from these countries to play.

Firstly, US and Canadian players will find that a number of casinos will simply not allow them to play. This is more true for US players than Canadian ones. However, many casinos seem to group all North American players as one and the same and as such what goes for one goes for all. Nevertheless, there are still some poker room and casinos that will accept these players. It is important to stress though that a player should thoroughly research a casino before playing. 'Prohibition' laws often pave the way for less-than-reputable organizations to take advantage and as such a player should ensure they trust a casino before depositing.

Players should also be confident that they are legally allowed to play before betting. Some states have passed laws explicitly banning online play (California, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin). As such, players should check laws of their locality before playing.

The actual process of depositing money to a casino may also be difficult for Canadian and particularly US players. Laws passed by the United States of America made it illegal for financial institutions to process gambling transactions. As such, popular deposit options such as Credit card or NeTeller became outlawed. However many casinos accepting US players still accepts credit cards as a deposit option without any problems at all.

There are also several other options for players to make deposits to casinos. Some e-wallet solutions continue to operate for North American players (e.g. Epassporte). Similarly, new e-wallet providers continue to spring up. Usually casinos will email players when a new deposit option becomes available. Similarly, those casinos that do accept US players will keep their website updated with usable deposit methods.

A further option becoming popular for North-American players is prepaid phonecards. These can be funded with regular credit cards and act themselves as credit cards although with the addition that they can be used online. Nucharge is one of a number of companies offering this solution.

Ultimately, players from Canada or America should firstly check that they are legally allowed to play. If they are happy that they satisfy this requirement (or are confident they won't get caught if they do!) players should research a casino they are thinking of playing at. Once happy, a player can discuss with that casino they best way to deposit. Deposit options can come and go and as such regular contact with casino support is probably the best way for North Americans to continue to enjoy online play.


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