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How to Play Keno

The will be the same just about everywhere you play. The only thing that changes is the payout chart. Checking the payout chart or the house rules before playing online Keno will help you find the best odds of winning.

To begin playing online Keno, you will need a ticket or whatever kind of image the site uses to replace the ticket. Playing online Keno is similar to picking numbers on a lottery ticket.

Playing Keno online is much like picking numbers from a lottery ticket. To play the game you need a ticket or any image substitute the casino uses to replace the ticket.

The numbers to choose from are one to 80. Players must choose at least three numbers and no more than ten. Then, you choose how much money you want to play per bet; players can choose to play $.25, $10 or anything in between. Next, the player chooses how many rounds s/he wants to play and chooses that number - you can play one round or an unlimited number of rounds using the same numbers. Once those steps are completed, the player should click the play button. The game will begin. At the end of each online Keno round, the results of the numbers will be shown and if you've won, money will be added to your account.

How to win at Keno

There isn't much strategy that can be used when playing Keno as Keno is a game of chance. But one of the best things players can do for themselves is manage their money wisely because Keno games are games where the house has a high edge against the player. So, some keno strategy tips to help you be successful online are:

- Find a casino with online Keno that works with your bankroll.

- Pick the best number of spots. Whatever the maximum number of spots are that you can play, you should play 50 percent - 75 percent of those spots.

- Find the casino with the best odds.

Free Keno Games

Keno is not as common as the classic games such as roulette, blackjack or craps but am getting more and more popular. You can play free online Keno in the casino listed below this article and learn the game without risking your own money. Just create an account, download the software and enjoy.