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Educating yourself
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Read books! Read articles! Try to get inside the mind of some of the living legends of poker - how do they think? has all of their magazines archived electronically and are free to read; a wealth of information that will take you weeks to get through. Not only will your skill increase without costing anything, but it will boost your confidence in your ability, as knowledge always does. A lot of the information is written in regards to limits that are greater in the big blind than your entire bankroll, and it could be successfully argued that the advice they give isn't applicable to the micro limit table. But it also serves to give you a sense of how there's something out there - a goal or a purpose of your play. Just think, if you manage to overcome the hurdle of playing the micro limits, you'll start playing the low limits, say $3/$6... And maybe one day YOU will sit down at a $30/$60 table with a bankroll that can more than handle any fluctuations of luck. How cool would that be? That day will seem very distant sometimes, when you get sucked out for the third time in a row by the same maniac who just can't seem to drop his third pair with a 2-kicker against your flopped two pair, at a table where the largest pot is $1. But it has been done by many before, and unless you know something about yourself that I don't, you can do it, too.

A bonus tip on reading books: You can read them cover to cover, that’s fine, but be prepared afterwards to go back and review chapter for chapter individually. Personally, I like to re-read a chapter, then see if I can come up with situations myself where this is applicable. Then, I try to see if I can find out how the strategy presented fits into my own game, and think back to a hand that I played that would fit the situation. Finally, check Sklansky’s “Theory of Poker” to see how the strategy fits into the ToP (if it does).

This goes back to your plan making. You don't have to make detailed plans for how and when you'll move up to a $10/$20 game when you're still at $.50/$1. But at least have the next two levels planned ahead. Remember to schedule those pay-outs, it might help to make you feel better about the grind that you have in front of you, or you might wait a year or three before you even see a cent of your earnings.
Poker hands

When it comes to playing poker, it's all about knowing where your hand ranks in the scheme of things. Once you understand the chances your own cards have got you can focus better on the other players. To get you started we've listed all of the available poker hands, ranked in order from lowest to highest value.

    Texas Holdem Hands - High CardHigh Card Texas Holdem Hands - One PairOne Pair Texas Holdem Hands - Two PairsTwo Pairs Texas Holdem Hands - Three of a KindThree of a Kind Texas Holdem Hands - StraightStraight Texas Holdem Hands - FlushFlush Texas Holdem Hands - Full HouseFull House Texas Holdem Hands - Four of a KindFour of a Kind Texas Holdem Hands - Straight FlushStraight Flush Texas Holdem Hands - Royal FlushRoyal Flush

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