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Be Patient
Poker advice

PATIENCE!!! This has got to be the most widely and most frequently referred to of all advice given in the world of poker and probably the most important. Bad cards come, in big clumps sometimes, as do aggressive players. You need to find it within yourself to stay focused and play the game without getting drawn into making plays you know you shouldn’t. The lack of patience in my opinion is second only to lack of skill as a cause for losing money. Although this is one of the greatest skills to possess it is also the one easiest to lose sight of. Playing while tired, drunk or while aggravated are just some of the reasons you can lose patience. This will (I guarantee) be the biggest downfall while you get to grips with the game, nip it in the bud and gain that self-control as early as possible.
With all that said
Poker advice

Poker is a game, and very few of the people who play it are out to earn a living from it. There are players who know that they're not making the correct plays, but they're more concerned with having fun than making money. Don't yell at them for playing the game their way - don't call people idiots because they sucked out on you. It stings when it happens, but as long as people are playing by the rules, be nice and shrug it off. Bad beats happen so often that if you learn to keep your temper in check, you'll find that the sting wears off really quick. Learn to chuckle at the bad beat.

Also, be involved in the discussions here at CardsChat. Post your hand histories, so others can give input on how you could have played a hand differently, or post your own advice on other peoples' hands. Everyone learns, everyone gains.

F Paulsson says: Read books! Read articles! Try to get inside the mind of some of the living legends of poker. Not only will your skill increase without costing anything, but it will boost your confidence in your ability, as knowledge always does.

Gjshand says: I'd like to make you aware of a simple fact, "any two cards can win". Whether it's to your advantage or disadvantage, just be aware of it.

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