Online Poker Player's - Survival Guide

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The Basic Online Poker Players' Survival Kit
Want to Know Where to Start or Where to go Next? Find Out Below!
Survival Kit

Are you thinking of ditching the day job and hitting the virtual tables for 12 hours at a time? Have you thought about how you’re going to go about it? Are you perhaps daunted by the whole online experience in general? Perhaps you’re 18 and might not be sure if online poker is even legal where you live.

If you’re looking to get into online poker for the first time and want to invest some serious time in it, let us take you by the hand and take you through the first steps through the life of an online pro.
What do I need to get started online?
Get Started Online

Getting started at a top online poker site today is as easy as coming up with a unique username and safe password and providing your name, address and email. Some sites ask you to come up with a 3 or 4-digit PIN code as an added layer of security.

Poker rooms – particularly post-Black Friday when security and legitimacy is paramount – want to make sure everything is above-board and that everyone playing on their sites is a legitimate user. So double check that everything you input is accurate before you finish and get playing at the tables. Most major sites require every new player to confirm that they are of legal age to play online poker in their local jurisdiction.
Hang on - is online poker actually legal in my country?
Is It Legal?

That question largely depends upon where you live. In some, like Canada and Australia, only the operating of online poker sites locally is frowned upon while the actual playing of poker isn’t. In the UK online poker is legal to anyone over the age of 18, while in some European countries like France and Italy recent legislation was passed governing online gambling. As of 2016, French and Italian online poker players can only play on regulated poker sites catering solely for residents of those countries.

In the United States online poker is slowly being regulated on a state-by-state basis where it remains in a legal limbo on a countrywide level. As of 2016, Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey offer their residents legalized online poker. For players elsewhere in the US they’re largely playing in something of a grey area. However, to date no player has been arrested for playing online poker.

If you want to move to a country where online poker is legal, sites like have even been set up to help Americans or those living in restrictive jurisdictions relocate to countries with more favorable online poker laws.
How old do I have to be?
How Old Do I Have To Be

The legal age of gambling differs wildly from country to country and in some countries from region to region. In the UK it is 18, in Canada it varies between 18 and 21, depending on where you live (but in general it is 19), while Americans playing at legal poker sites have to be 21. The legal gambling age in Australia is 18, and that age limit is also used in their cousins across the water, New Zealand. In Europe, meanwhile, Germans can gamble from 18, or 21 if you live in specific regions. Italians have the luxury of gambling online from 18, as do those in Spain.

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