Online Poker vs Offline Poker Guide

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Comparing online poker to live poker is almost like saying that they’re two sides of the same coin, but only if you glue a Euro coin and a Drachma coin back to back. It’s still currency and the same rules apply, but the two couldn’t be more different, owing to a number of small but crucial differences.

For most budding poker players who start their careers online, this realization will hit them in the face like a sock full of coins as soon as they sit down at their first professional poker table.

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The World of Online Poker
World of Online Poker

Online poker rooms are in constant bloom as more and more players are enticed by the world of poker, and it is the most convenient form of poker for newbies to take their first leap into. After all, nothing beats sitting on your favourite couch with a laptop, cracking a beer open and playing your favourite tunes in the background while spending an evening collecting chips. And, you can do this in your pyjamas, or your underwear if so you prefer.

Poker sites have caught on to this and offer players casual play with fake money to further entice people. You have nothing to lose right? Tables of any size and of any style you desire can be found with the click of a button, from Omaha to Stud or anything else. Players are also ranked from their victories and defeats, allowing you to choose a table where all the players are of approximately the same skill level.
Brick-and-Mortar Casino Play

This contrasts with a casino’s own unique atmosphere, with cocktail waitresses buzzing around your table refilling drinks, friendly dealers and also that enticing possibility that tonight you might take down the resident card shark.

This outlines an obvious but very important detail; you are playing against actual people. Poker has always had a psychological element to it. Expert players will attest to this with their ability of reading their opponents through body language and ‘poker tells’. Trembling hands, sudden eye movement, heavy breathing; these are all tells that will give away your hand.

Top players such as Dave Negreanu and Phil Ivey often can tell you exactly what hole cards you have almost as soon as you look at them, simply by reading your expression. If you have ever wondered why most players play with sunglasses in dimly lit poker rooms, it’s not because everyone’s spontaneously contracted pink eye. It’s because the eyes often betray your thoughts. This is one of the advantages to a new poker player who is still learning the ins and outs of poker when playing online, as physical tells are not present there.
Tactics: Online and Offline

Established players also make use of aggressive tactics like constant eye contact to unnerve their opponents or use fake tells to bait other players into a trap. The only tells you can get in online play is the betting pattern and speed of your opponents.

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