Online Poker vs Offline Poker Guide

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This skill translates very well to real play as well, where you can make judgement calls based on the way other players bet and how much they bet. A raise on the blinds, a bet on the flop and a check on the turn and river cards might indicate that the player missed their flush or straight draw, but is still holding a solid pocket pair. Or a check on the blinds then continues aggressive calls followed by an all in might indicate that the player is bluffing a monster hand. You will soon get a feel of the overall blue print of betting patterns and then learn to modify it according to your opponent.

The level of anonymity in online game produces obvious results. It is very hard to be intimidated if you don’t know, or can’t even see your opponents. This also creates the opportunity to make friends via the accompanying chat rooms if so desired. This is no way exclusive to online play, but you tend to be more comfortable engaging in an online forum.

Online play also offers the chance to play multiple tables at once. Experienced online poker players will soon find themselves bored if focusing on just one table even though they are very fast paced games compared to live play. Pretty soon they will play 2 to 4 tables at the same time. Keeping focus on multiple opponents and flops will help you learn to multitask. This will help you greatly when joining a live table, since there is no one to help keep count of all those numbers and everything has to keep going inside your head.
Staying Informed While You Play
Staying Informed

Another important difference from the digital world to the real world is in fact the digital aspect of online play. While playing in any online poker room you are presented with a lot of different information such as your chip count and opponents’ chip counts on the fly.

There can also be various statistics displayed about your opponents such as rating, number of times each has folded, number of times they stole the pot, etc. All this readily available data makes a gigantic difference when it comes to calculating odds and helps in your decisions when the dreaded All In is announced.

In live play, you have to keep these numbers going in your head to a certain degree if you are to maintain this edge in the game. Even in the best live poker rooms I have seen countless players who overestimate their opponent’s stack or misjudge the amount of chips in the pot. In a casino you will often hear players asking the dealer how many chips are present. This will turn into a lengthy game, which is not possible in online play, as rounds are rigidly timed.

This again lends its own edge to the game, as some players will use these tactics to frustrate others into making careless moves. This is one major disadvantage when you migrate from live play; online players rarely get a chance to develop their patience, especially since many players often play four tables at a time.

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