Pre-flop Strategy Guide

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Plugging Your Pre-Flop Mistakes
Pre-Flop Mistakes

Becoming a profitable pre-flop player is a mixture of discipline, patience, observation and timing. If you're still a novice then we recommend that you stick rigidly to our raising and calling conditions defined above. Once you become comfortable with these ranges then you should begin to study the players around you and look for tells and tendencies that will help you refine your play. Indeed, if you notice that a loose-aggressive player behind you is ready to raise then you should be a lot tighter and not play some of the hands listed in our chart. Conversely, if someone is looking disinterested then you can add some more hands to your raising/ calling range.

Table dynamics and solid fundamentals are crucial when putting together a solid pre-flops strategy and if you can follow the advice we've outlined in this article then you should be well on your way to a nurturing a healthy bankroll.

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